July 2014 : All change?

Interchange fees have been the focus of regulatory interest for quite some time. Originally, the concern has been that interchange fees were used to over-promote the use of cards. Now, commentators begin to worry about there being too few rather than too many card payments. Supposedly, both problems are cause by excessive interchange fees. Does this make sense? Continue reading

February 2014 : Going OTT?

Over-the-top (OTT) applications such as Skype, WhatsApp or Viber seem to be set to replace traditional communication methods such as voice calls or text messages. Mobile operators seeing their service revenues shrink are facing tough choices. Arisa Siong looks at the relationship between OTT apps and the networks that support them. Continue reading

March 2013 : How (not) to spend it

The European Commission has updated its Guidelines on state aid for broadband networks. Public money is in all likelihood required to ensure that the Commission’s ambitious Digital Agenda targets can be achieved, and given the state of public finances, it is more important than ever that the money that is being spent will have the greatest impact. Christian Koboldt looks at whether the Guidelines provide the right incentives for how to spend it.

Continue reading

October 2012 : After the Big Bang

The Swiss multi-band auction, completed earlier this year, has attracted attention not just because it included the greatest number of bands to date, but also because it has produced prices that might at first sight look difficult to explain. However, as Christian Koboldt explains, the results only show how the format works to achieve efficiency. Continue reading