Dispute resolution

Our economic, econometric and financial expertise in both competition and regulatory contexts, means that we are well placed to assist clients in related litigation, arbitration and other commercial disputes.

In settling claims and resolving such disputes, the economic assessment of an appropriate counterfactual is often key, and pivotal where an appropriate quantum of damages needs to be established. Econometric scrutiny of parties’ data may help to resolve competing claims and settle disputes on the basis of firm evidence. Litigation of this nature inevitably requires complex economic concepts and techniques to be presented in clear and concise terms to a range of non-specialists. Our experts are well-versed in preparing and delivering technically complex evidence in a digestible form.

DotEcon has experience of assisting large multi-national clients in a wide range of litigation cases, and in preparing expert witness reports and other oral or written testimony. Such testimony has been presented to both UK and European courts and in front of international arbitration bodies.

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