Spectrum awards database

DotEcon maintains a global database of spectrum awards, covering the prices paid for radio spectrum as well as other data that is relevant for the interpretation of price data. The dataset includes information on approximately 15,000 licences from 420 awards across 97 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa, covering spectrum awards of frequency bands, between 300MHz to 300GHz. It is particularly rich in data on frequency bands used for mobile telephony and for fixed and broadband wireless access, including bands between 400MHz and 3.5GHz used for 2G, 3G, PCS, AWS, LTE, FWA and BWA services. The number of other bands covered – for example those used for fixed links, PMR and digital radio – is steadily expanding, as the range of spectrum awarded by competitive processes grows.

The information in the database includes:

  • key details about the award processes and licences, including country, frequency band, date, type (auction, beauty contest etc.) and duration;
  • spectrum endowment;
  • licence prices in local currency;
  • names of licence winners; and;
  • a range of relevant demographic and economic indicators.

We use the database to establish price benchmarks for auctions, administrative awards and licence renewal.

The data included in our database supports numerical analysis to establish benchmark valuations for licences ranging from simple price per pop per MHz indicators to more sophisticated econometric benchmarks that take account of different factors that might influence the value of spectrum such as the timing of the award or the award type (e.g sealed bid or open auction).

Such benchmarks are useful for:

  • bidders in auctions, who might wish to get some understanding of the prices they could expect to pay. For example, DotEcon has conducted benchmark analysis of prices for many bidders in auctions of 2G, 3G, PCS and FWA spectrum;
  • investment analysts, who can use the information to forecast licence prices and assess investment decisions made by bidders; and
  • spectrum managers who might be interested in forecasting auction revenues or establishing appropriate reserve prices or licence renewal fees. For example, DotEcon has used the data to assist a European Government in establishing prices for the renewal of 900MHz GSM licences.

For further information about the spectrum awards database and our price benchmarking capabilities, please send us an email.

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