Belgian 4G auction finished after four rounds of bidding

The Belgian 4G auction for spectrum licences in the 2.6GHz frequency band successfully concluded on Monday 28 November. The licences were offered in six blocks of frequency division duplex (FDD) spectrum in the frequency ranges 2,500-2,570MHz and 2,620-2,690MHz (two blocks of 2x5MHz at the edges of the band, and four blocks of 2x15MHz), along with a single time division duplex (TDD) licence in the centre band (2,575-2,620MHz). The auction followed a Simultaneous Multi-Round Ascending auction format, in accordance with the 4G Royal Decree

The Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) announced in October that it had received applications to participate in the 4G auction from five candidates, all of whom were found to be admissible. Four of these five won spectrum licences, and the auction raised a total revenue of EUR 77,790,000. Belgacom and Mobistar each won 2x20MHz of FDD spectrum, with Belgacom paying EUR 20,220,000 for 2,500-2,520MHz and 2,620-2,640MHz, and Mobistar EUR 20,020,000 for 2,550-2,570MHz and 2,670-2,690MHz. KPN Group Belgium won 2x15MHz of FDD spectrum (2,535-2,550MHz and 2,655-2,670MHz) at a price of EUR 15,040,000, whilst the TDD licence went to BUCD BVBA, who would be a new entrant to the Belgian telecommunications market, for EUR 22,510,000. The licences will be available for use from 1 July 2012 and will be valid for a period of 15 years. Only one bidder, Craig Wireless, did not acquire any licence, and 2x15MHz of FDD spectrum went unsold.

Earlier this year (in August 2011), BIPT awarded the fourth 3G licence to Telenet Tecteo Bidco at a price of EUR 616,656.8 per month for the spectrum 1950.1-1964.9MHz and 2140.1-2154.9MHz. Telenet Tecteo Bidco joins the existing 3G licence holders, Belgacom, Mobistar and KPN Group Belgium, who each acquired their licence in 2001.

The Belgian 4G auction was implemented using DotEcon’s WebBidder auction platform. More information on WebBidder can be found here.

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