CAT Order following judgement on 080 and 0845/0870 termination charges appeals

On 7 October 2011, the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) published a determination giving effect to directions by the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) in its Order on the implementation of its rulings on appeals by BT and Everything Everywhere against Ofcom’s determinations of disputes relating to termination charges for 080 and 0845/0870 calls. On 1 August the CAT upheld the appeal by BT, finding that Ofcom had erred in determining that BT’s changes to termination charges for calls to 080 and 0845/0870 numbers were not fair and reasonable. On 12 August 2011, the CAT gave a further ruling and made an Order to give effect to its directions.

DotEcon provided expert economic support to BT over the course of its appeal to the CAT.

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