CAT refers price control issues in BT’s appeal against wholesale broadband access charge control to Competition Commission

On 3 November 2011, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) published an order referring to the Competition Commission (CC) price control matters in the appeal by BT against the July 2011 decision of the Office of Communications (Ofcom) on its Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) charge control.

The CAT has ordered the CC to determine whether Ofcom made errors in setting the level of the control to apply on WBA in the UK (Market 1 services). In its determination, Ofcom noted that the wholesale charge reductions resulting from the charge control could deliver lower retail prices in the context of average demand increases and more consumers seeking to use higher bandwidth services.

DotEcon provided support to BT in respect of the charge control proposals and Ofcom’s review of Wholesale Broadband Access.

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