Competition Commission issues statement on Yellow Pages undertakings

On 27 November 2012, the Competition Commission (CC) published an issues statement in respect of the undertakings given to it by Yell Group plc (now Hibu plc) following the classified directories market investigation of 2006. In its October 2012 recommendation to the CC, the OFT noted that circumstances have now changed as a result of growth in internet access and usage by consumers and advertisers, which has likely led to the broadening of the range of competitive constraints on suppliers of printed classified directories. The OFT also noted that the use of printed directories appears to be in decline. In this context, the OFT considered that the CC’s previous findings on Yell’s market power may no longer be applicable and that the case for releasing Yell from its undertakings should be heard (subject to an assessment of the impact of removing the undertakings on other providers of printed classified directories).

DotEcon had provided support to a printed classified directories provider in respect of the CC’s previous findings and the development of undertakings to apply within the market.

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