ComReg launches consultation on its review of Non-Geographic Numbers

Following a strategic review of Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) in Ireland, the Irish telecommunications regulator ComReg has launched a consultation presenting its findings that the current NGN regime is harming consumers and proposing two regulatory measures:

  1. Introduction of a ‘geo-linked’ tariff for ‘1850’, ‘1890’, ‘0818’ and ‘076’ NGNs such that calls to these numbers cost the same as a call to a geographic number. Where geographic calls are provided “in bundle”, calls to NGNs must also be included in the same bundle of call minutes.
  2. Simplification of the NGN regime by reducing the five NGN classes to just two over a period of two to three years. ComReg proposes to retain the ‘1800’ Freephone number and the ‘0818’ number as the single ‘geo-linked’ NGN.

ComReg’s consultation documents, animation and infographic can be found on its website alongside alongside a report prepared by DotEcon, which supported ComReg during its review.


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