ComReg publishes a consultation on proposals for a multi-band auction

On 17 September, Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation, ComReg, published its latest consultation on a proposed award process for allocating spectrum including that in the 900MHz band. Its proposals for the award have been revised in light of a number of developments including the clarity provided by the relevant Minister (CENR) about the availability of 800MHz spectrum. In its consultation, ComReg provides details about the proposed award process. The proposals set out plans for a combinatorial clock auction for spectrum in a minimum of two spectrum bands, 800MHz and 900MHz.

DotEcon provided ComReg with advice on the possible integration of spectrum in the 800MHz and other bands into a simultaneous award process with 900MHz spectrum. Two DotEcon reports were published by ComReg alongside its current consultation. One presents a recommendation for a suitable auction format and potential auction rules in light of the availability of 800MHz spectrum in a similar timeframe to spectrum in the 900MHz band. The report can be downloaded here. The other presents a recommendation for minimum prices based on a benchmarking approach presented in our December 2009 report and updated to take into account of awards of relevant spectrum and more recent macroeconomic data. This report can be found here. A copy of ComReg’s own report can also be found here.

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