ComReg publishes a draft Information Memorandum for a proposed multi-band spectrum award

On 24 October, Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation, ComReg, published for consultation a draft Information Memorandum on aspects of a proposed multi-band spectrum award including frequencies in the 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. ComReg’s current consultation is in line with its previous proposals to use the combinatorial clock auction format for the award of the spectrum available. The latest document for consultation provides information on the proposed award process and a set of detailed auction rules.

ComReg is proposing to implement a 2x20MHz sub-1GHz and 2x50MHz overall cap on the amount of spectrum that can be awarded to any one bidder and an additional short-term cap on 900MHz spectrum. The proposed auction mechanism implements the ‘relative cap’ activity rule alongside a number of other measures designed to facilitate bidder behaviour that can more closely align the outcome at the end of the primary bid rounds and the outcome at the end of the auction.

ComReg’s draft Information Memorandum for consultation can be found here.
For further details, visit the ComReg web site.

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