ComReg publishes consultation on a ‘big spectrum auction’

On 15 December, Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation, ComReg, published a consultation (10/105) on the inclusion of 1800MHz frequencies in a proposed joint award process for 800MHz and 900MHz spectrum. A previous ComReg consultation and an accompanying report by DotEcon identified potential benefits of such a ‘big auction’. In particular, a multi-band auction of 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum would allow bidders the possibility to complement or substitute spectrum below 1GHz with high frequency spectrum. Therefore, including these bands within the same auction process may lead to more efficient spectrum allocations.

ComReg’s current consultation is in line with its previous proposal to use the combinatorial clock auction format for the award of the spectrum available. The latest consultation provides further details on the proposed award process. In addition, it proposes a further measure to ensure that bidders awarded the same amount of spectrum in the two time periods covered in the award process would be awarded a continuous assignment. ComReg’s latest consultation and a report by DotEcon providing advice of the potential inclusion of the 1800MHz band within the proposed sub-1GHz auction can be found here and here respectively.

For further details, visit the ComReg web site.

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