ComReg publishes draft IM for 26 GHz award

On 2 March 2018 ComReg (the Irish telecommunications regulator) published the draft Information Memorandum (IM) for the upcoming award of National Block Licences in the 26 GHz band, provisionally planned for May/June 2018. The draft IM sets out the spectrum available, licence conditions that will apply, and proposals for the award process.

A total of 2 x 532 MHz will be available for award, in the frequency ranges 24.745 – 25.277 GHz paired with 25.753 – 26.285 GHz. This will be split into nineteen 2 x 28 MHz lots, with licences allowing operators to operate Point-to-Point links on a national, terrestrial basis.

ComReg will first determine the number of frequency-generic lots to be awarded to each bidder using a sealed bid combinatorial auction, with prices set on the basis of opportunity cost. A follow-up assignment stage (also comprising a sealed bid auction with an opportunity cost based pricing rule) will determine the specific (contiguous) frequency ranges to be awarded to winning bidders.

Reserve prices are set at €70k per lot, with additional spectrum usage fees (SUFs) of €25k per lot to be paid annually throughout the 10-year licence term. A competition cap will restrict bidders to winning no more than five 2 x 28 MHz lots.

The draft Information Memorandum (and other documents relating to the 26 GHz award) can be found on the ComReg website. Interested parties may submit comments on the draft IM to ComReg until 17.00 on Friday 30 March 2018.

DotEcon is advising ComReg on the design and implementation of the award.

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