The Danish 1800 MHz auction has ended

The auction for licences in the 1800 MHz band in Denmark has ended today (29 September 2016).  TT-N won a total of 2×25 MHz, TDC 2×20 MHz and Hi3G 2×20 MHz. All three operators must meet a regional coverage obligation (with each operator covering a different area).

The auction consisted of four stages in which the available spectrum (and three regional coverage obligations) have been assigned to participants. The first two stages were to determine which bidders would be assigned a 2×10 MHz lot subject to a coverage obligation (under the restriction that each bidder could apply for at most one such lot).

The third auction stage determined how the remaining spectrum and any remaining coverage obligations would be assigned to bidders, whilst the fourth auction stage determined the specific frequencies assigned to each winning bidder. The third auction stage featured a novel combinatorial multi-round format – the Combinatorial Multi-Round Ascending auction – designed by DotEcon, in which bidders could submit multiple bids each round subject to constraints that link bid amounts to round prices and the bidder’s activity in preceding rounds.

DotEcon advised the Danish Energy Agency on the design and implementation of the award, which has been run using DotEcon’s online bidding platform, WebBidder™.  More information on the award is available from the Danish Energy Agency’s website.

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