DotEcon, Analysys Mason and Hogan & Hartson announce roadmap for Europe’s digital dividend

The consortium consisting of DotEcon, Analysys Mason and law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP was tasked by the European Commission with ascertaining
what coordinated action is needed at the EU level in order to maximise the benefits
from the digital dividend spectrum. The results of our extensive study titled “Exploiting the digital dividend: a European approach” were presented on 9 September 2009 in Brussels.

The presentation included the results of a substantial socio-economic analysis into the options for coordinated action across Europe and a series of nine recommended actions, which together
form a roadmap for the digital dividend in the EU, including:

  • requesting that all Member States make the 790–862MHz sub-band
    (often referred to as the “800MHz band”) available for electronic
    communications services as soon as possible;
  • requiring that all DTT receivers sold in the EU adhere to compression
    standards that are at least as efficient as MPEG-4, and that they also adhere
    to minimum interference rejection standards.

On 10 July 2009, the Commission published a
consultation: “Transforming the digital dividend opportunity into social
benefits and economic growth in Europe” (click here for details). This
Communication and its recommended actions, are based on the consortium’s study.

Three other
consultation events were held during the study in order to gain valuable input;
these consultations involved close co-operation with Member States and the
Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG). Materials from all consultation events,
including the results presentation, can be downloaded here.
A final report will also be published in due course containing the
socio-economic analysis, options for EU-level action, and details of the
roadmap and recommendations.

For more information about the study or our expertise regarding the digital dividend, please contact Dan Maldoom or Roger Salsas.

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