DotEcon and Analysys Mason propose introduction of spectrum trading in Hong Kong

The consortium consisting of DotEcon, Analysys Mason and law firm Allen & Overy LLP has been tasked by the communications regulator OFTA with developing proposals for the introduction of spectrum trading in Hong Kong. On September 16, we presented our initial findings at a workshop attended by industry representatives. A key recommendation was that trading should be introduced as soon as possible for the cellular and BWA sectors, and in due course extended to PMR and fixed link bands.

The workshop covered five key aspects of spectrum trading:

  • Spectrum bands where trading should or should not be permitted
  • Eligibility of parties to participate in trading
  • Licensee rights and obligations
  • Addressing potential concerns with spectrum trading, including competition, speculation, fragmentation and windfall gains
  • Broader impact on spectrum management

DotEcon presented proposals on eligibility to trade, licensee rights and obligations, and addressing competition and other concerns.

A further phase of the study will now take place, and the final report by the consortium will be used by OFTA in order to determine how and when to introduce spectrum trading in Hong Kong.

For further information about DotEcon’s expertise in the design and implementation of market reforms in spectrum management, please contact Dan Maldoom.

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