DotEcon consultant seconded to OFCOM

Arisa Siong, one of DotEcon’s Senior Consultants, joins Ofcom on a full time basis for an initial period of 12 weeks to work on a number of policy projects.

Arisa Siong joined DotEcon in 2006 and became a Senior Consultant in 2009. Having worked on a variety of analytical and research-based projects: analysing mergers in declining industries, setting spectrum charges, the use of market forces in spectrum management, European policy on the digital dividend, and auction design and implementation; she has gained extensive experience of competition economics and telecoms regulatory project work.

Arisa manages DotEcon’s Spectrum Awards Database. She is also familiar with a range of statistical methods to conduct various benchmarking work on mobile termination rates, administrative and management cost of spectrum and the market value of radio spectrum.

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