DotEcon to support Nkom in the upcoming 900MHz spectrum award

DotEcon has been awarded a contract to provide consultancy services to the Norwegian Communications Authority Nkom for the design and implementation of an auction for the award of spectrum in the 900MHz band in Norway.

Approximately 2x20MHz of spectrum in the 900MHz band becomes available for licensing from 2018, after existing licences held by Telenor and TeliaSonera have expired at the end of 2017. The remaining 2x15MHz in the 900MHz band have been licensed in the 2013 Multiband auction, which included spectrum in the 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz bands, with licenses expiring at the end of 2033.

Nkom is planning to auction this spectrum in 2016, after the award of 2x15MHz of spectrum in the 1800MHz that remained unassigned in the 2013 Multiband auction has been completed.

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