European Commission launches consultation of the ‘digital dividend’

On 9 July, the European Commission today launched a consultation on how member states should work together at the EU level to get the most benefit from the use of frequencies freed up by the switchover from analogue to digital television. In their press release, the Commission states that “[a]ppropriate European coordination would increase the potential economic impact of the digital dividend by an additional € 20 to € 50 billion between now and 2015. In the long run an additional benefit of € 30 billion could be realised beyond 2015 through further EU coordination.”

The consultation document is based on the draft conclusions of an extensive study undertaken by a consortium comprising DotEcon, Analysys Mason and Hogan & Hartson, considering options for action at a European level of the use of the digital dividend.

The consultation will run until 4 September 2009, after which the Commission will develop a final proposal on creating an EU roadmap for coordination between member states. The press release and consultation documents are available from the European Commission website.

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