Indian 900MHz and 1800MHz auction concludes with seven winners

On 13 February, the Indian auction of frequencies in 3 circles in the 900MHz band and 22 circles in the 1800MHz band concluded after 68 rounds with 7 winners.

Unlike the two previous awards of similar spectrum in 2012 and 2013, reserve prices were set at a level such that a significant number interested parties submitted applications to participate in this auction. A significant amount of spectrum was made available – 2 or 3 contiguous 5MHz blocks on a liberalised basis in each of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the 900MHz band, and 3 or more contiguous 5MHz blocks with liberalised usage rights in 9 of the 22 circles including in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the 1800MHz band. The auction included both operators with licences for spectrum expiring in the medium term, and others with existing licences running out as early as November 2014 (when licences awarded in this auction will be made available).

The rules for this auction were similar to those used for the 3G and BWA auctions in India, designed and implemented by DotEcon, in 2010. In particular, the auction used a clock format with a system of provisional winning bidders. This auction used a different closing rule and ranking criteria, however, and had a number of different implications for bidders as a result of rule changes.

DotEcon supported a bidder in this auction.

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