Indian Department of Telecommunications host pre-bid conference

On 16 November 2009, India’s Department of Telecommunications hosted a pre-bid conference in Delhi for prospective bidders in its upcoming auctions of 3G and BWA spectrum. This followed the publishing of the revised Information Memorandum in October 2009, which details the separate processes for award of frequencies at 2GHz (1.9GHz paired with 2.1GHz), 800MHz 2.3GHz.

At the conference, the detailed auction rules were presented by Dr. Dan Maldoom, a Partner of DotEcon. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

The next step in the auction process is the release of the Notice which, as a legal document, should solidify the specifications of these auctions.

These auctions are set to take place in a staged fashion, with the auction of 2GHz spectrum scheduled to be followed by the auctions of 800MHz and 2.3GHz spectrum, which will run simultaneously.

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