Indian Department of Telecommunications publishes auction rules

The Notice containing the specifics of the Indian 3G and BWA auctions, including the detailed auction rules, were published early this month. Publication of the Notice was followed up by a pre-bid conference for prospective bidders hosted by the Department of Telecoms in Dehli. At the conference, the detailed auction rules were presented by DotEcon Director Dr. Dan Maldoom. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

The 3G and BWA auctions are set to consist of a clock stage to establish winners in each region or ‘circle’ and the base price for a licence in each circle. The standard clock auction format used in the first stage will be supplemented by a series of activity rules that include the introduction of standing high bidders and commitment to purchase obligations usually found in standard SMRA auction formats.
This clock stage will be followed by an assignment stage to allocate specific spectrum frequencies to winners.

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