IPO publishes report on approaches to tackle online copyright infringement

Online copyright infringement has emerged as a major threat to IP rights holders and the creative industries worldwide. Combating digital piracy has become a major challenge for authorities across the world. As part of its work programme better to understand what underpins effective enforcement measures and how best to reduce infringement in an increasingly digital age, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has commissioned DotEcon and BOP Consulting to undertake a comparative review of the approaches to tackle online copyright infringement in a number of jurisdictions.

The report compares the different approaches in nine countries (Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, The Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States) and looks at:

  • the range of different approaches currently being adopted around the world to enforce copyright in the online environment; and
  • the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and to what extent enforcement approaches are perceived to be working to reduce infringement levels

The full report has been published by the IPO and is available to download here.


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