Ireland consults on award of unassigned 1800MHz spectrum usage rights

On 13 September, Irish telecoms regulator ComReg published its consultation on an award process for allocating spectrum usage rights in the 1800MHz band unassigned in its multi-band auction in 2012. ComReg proposes to award the 2x15MHz of 1800MHz spectrum, available for use until July 2015, as three lots of 2x5MHz linked to specific frequencies within the band. The proposed award would use a sealed bid format and would allow for bidders to make package bids for multiple lots. Proposal convey ComReg’s intention to use the market-based reserve prices used in the multi-band auction, adjusted for inflation and licence duration, and an opportunity cost-based pricing rule.

DotEcon provided economic and auction advice to ComReg during the development of design proposals. Its advisory report, published alongside ComReg’s consultation, can be found here.

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