New research making use of DotEcon’s Spectrum Awards Database

Academics at Curtin University have made use of the data in DotEcon’s Spectrum Awards Database to examine a range of telecommunication market topics including market entry, network deployment, the flexibility of regulators and their their preferences for welfare-maximising allocation mechanisms, as well as some technical aspects of forecasting.

The published research can be found in the following papers:

  • G. Madden and T. Tran, 2013, ‘Do Regulators Consider Welfare when Assigning Spectrum via Comparative Selections?’, Applied Economics Letters 20(9), 852–856
  • G. Madden and H. Ahmad, 2013, ‘3G Spectrum Auction Aftermarket Network Deployment’, Applied Economics Letters 20(3), 300–303
  • G. Madden and A. Morey, 2013, ‘Regulator Flexibility and the Administrative Allocation Licencing of 3G Spectrum’, Applied Economics 45(13), 1713–1718
  • G. Madden, E. Bohlin and A. Morey, 2012, ‘Entry into 3G Mobile Telecommunications Markets’, International Journal of Management and Network Economics 2(4), 374–391

For more information about DotEcon’s Spectrum Awards Database, click here.

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