Norwegian multiband auction concludes: Final result published by NPT

The Norwegian multiband auction has now concluded following the completion of the assignment stage.  In the assignment stage, the winners of spectrum bid for frequency positions within the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands.  Specific frequency assignments were determined as set out in the  auction rules.

Four bidders participated in the auction.  The initial allocation phase of the auction produced three winners.  These winners, their winning allocation and final licence prices are:

Winner 800MHz 900MHz 1800MHz Licence price (NOK)
TelcoData 2x10MHz 2x5MHz 2x20MHz  705,000,000
TeliaSonera 2x10MHz (coverage obligation block) 2x5MHz 2x10MHz  626,700,000
Telenor 2x10MHz 2x5MHz 2x10MHz  453,002,000

For more information about the assignment stage result, see NPT’s website.

DotEcon advised NPT on auction design and the auction was implemented with DotEcon’s electronic auction platform WebBidder®. For more information about DotEcon’s auction advisory services, please click here.

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