Ofcom sets out timetable for a ‘big auction’ in the UK

In a speech at the FT World Telecoms Conference, Ed Richards, the Chief Executive of Ofcom, set out the timetable for the auctioning of radio spectrum in multiple bands including the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands. The timetable runs from February 2011, with the publication of a consultation on likely future mobile competition and detailed proposals for the auction, until 2013, when the spectrum will be assigned.

DotEcon has provided auction design advice to Ofcom and has been contracted to provide auction software for a pilot study on the auction design. The auction design envisaged is a combinatorial clock auction with a multi-round Principal Stage, to identify the winners of generic lots and the prices for each package of generic lots, and a single round Assignment Stage to identify which specific frequencies each winner will receive.

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