Spanish auction for radio spectrum in the 800MHz, 900MHz and 2.6GHz bands ends after 166 rounds

DotEcon assisted the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in the implementation of the first ever spectrum auction in Spain, which closed on 29 July 2011 after 166 rounds of bidding. Nine operators have won spectrum, generating a total revenue of over 1.6bn Euro for the Spanish Government. The auction was conducted on DotEcon’s WebBidder platform and used an SMRA format with provisions for withdrawals. It included 58 lots in multiple bands (2x30MHz in the 800MHz band, 2×9.8MHz in the 900MHz band, 2x70MHz in the 2.6GHz band and the 50MHz of TDD spectrum in the 2.6GHz centre band) with diverse geographical coverage (reginonal and national). Of the eleven bidders who have participated, three obtained licences with national coverage and six obtained licences covering only some regions. 51 lots were allocated and 7 ended up unsold – one regional 2x10MHz block in the 2.6GHz band, the TDD spectrum in the 2.6GHz centre band, and one 4.8MHz block in the 900MHz band. Further information about the auction progress and end results can be found on the Ministry‘s website.

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