Economic advice that matters

We use applied microeconomics to support companies, governments, regulators, competition authorities and international organisations.

Robust analysis across many sectors

We don't pretend to know more about your business or sector than you do.

Bringing powerful tools and techniques to bear on your challenges, we offer a fresh perspective. 

Our advice is robust, practical and always reflects commercial realities.

What we do

Auctions and market design

We are a one-stop shop for auctioneers and bidders. We design bidding processes and market rules. We formulate bid strategy for high-stakes auctions.

Our in-house WebBidderTM software securely implements major auctions for governments and businesses.

Competition, regulation and public policy

We support companies and public bodies in competition and regulatory proceedings.

Our economic analysis helps guide public policy.

Data analysis and decision support

We support decision making through statistical and econometric analysis, quantitative modelling and optimisation.

We know how to present complex information for maximum impact and how to make data speak.

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