Auction implementation

Our auction platform has been used for running major spectrum auctions since 2000.

Running high-value auctions online requires a platform that is robust and secure, easy-to-use and that allows you to implement your chosen auction format, down to the last detail.

Our implementation services can be combined with our expertise in auction design to provide a one-stop-shop for all aspects of running a major auction.

WebBidder™ has been used to run auctions with tens of billions of dollars of revenue at stake and is trusted by governments around the world.

Our WebBidder™ platform has been developed over two decades, with a focus on usability, security and configurability. 

WebBidder™ is usually a fully hosted solution. Bidders and auctioneers connect through the web without needing special software and interact over easy-to-use interfaces. 

Multiple authentication layers provide high security.  Auctioneers can monitor all aspects of an auction process and set parameters to shape the auction process. WebBidder™ produces a comprehensive, verifiable audit trail.

Modular architecture means that you get tried-and-tested security and audit features together with an implementation of your specific auction rules, all presented through a consistent, friendly user interface.

WebBidder's flexibility makes it an effective tool for bidders preparing for auctions, helping them better to understand auction dynamics, try out different bidding strategies and test procedures. Its flexibility allows prototyping and testing of novel auction rules.

Watch a brief video introducing bidders to our WebBidder™ software created for the 2022 aquaculture auction in Norway.